Mezcal is Mexico’s best kept secret

Every year we take a moment to celebrate Mexico, to contemplate it and learn more about its secrets, its magic, its legends, and all the jewels that are still kept from us.

Mexico is made of land, diversity, of a social fabric that keeps us interconnected; Mexico is fed by its traditions and those of us who know how to keep them alive by sharing them with those who know how to value the voice of the earth.

Our way of honoring and celebrating Mexico is by sharing from the heart its best kept secret, what we do best: mezcal. Making mezcal with patience, with our hands, following the path of the masters, their guidance and knowledge, and with the levels of quality that gave us international recognition. Is a way of thanking not only Oaxaca, but all of Mexico; carrying his name and his magic high everywhere we go.

Mezcal is our best kept treasure. It is the essence of Mexico through time captured in a bottle; it takes root and nourishes everything around it; it is the ritual that goes through several hands to prepare an elixir that shows the magic flavor. Mezcal is a teacher who goes a long way to come and tell his secrets to those who know how to listen.

Drinking mezcal leads us to share moments that we will not forget, to continue exploring the mysticism of family recipes, the ancestral traditions of each region, the experience and everything that makes it unique.

A mezcal for Mexico and its complicity.